Wednesday, October 19, 2016


Over the past few weeks, I've been working on some stormboyz. The manager at my local GW thought itd be crazy awesome and unique to have stormboyz represented by some boyz chined to some 'nid gargoyles.

The results are posted below. My favorite dudes are the ones hanging upside down.

However, the process to make basic scrubs that can kill themselves pretty handily took quite a bit of time and love, so for my next batch, I decided to use my previously unused collection of tau gun drones as hoverboards for some of the boyz.
Significantly less time later, 10 more stormboyz enter the world.
For my last 8 (i needed 28 and 2 nobz before my next game), i used the actual stormboyz box, with some of the extra rokkit bitz spread out over some regular boyz which I've taken to calling 'stormboy juniors'.
For the nobs of both mobs, i took a pair of tau commander iridium suit jet pack bits from the local bits box and straddled a nob over each one and BAM problem solved. The nobs are mirrors of each other and have taken on the personalities of a pair of orks grown from the same spore clump; the closest thing to brothers Orks can be.
Now to name them... I could use some help in that department! I was thinking if calling them something where the inverse of the other lkke taking 'killdakka' and making it 'dakkakill' or something like that. The other, almost requirement, is the presence of a pun in the names. All other named characters in my Waaagh have their names painted in their base. Even my runtherder named 'Feeldwacha' because all he does is stand around looking at explosions on the battlefield...
Anyway, enjoy the pics, and I'll see you next time.