Monday, July 25, 2016

Ork army update!

Keeping with the escalation league, we're now approaching the 1500 point benchmark.
Kon Kushin has really helped pull off some amazing stunts, and has annihilated anything he's made contact with.
My total Ork force has swelled in the ranks since I last posted, now at 13 bikes, 30 boyz, 3 meganobs, 4 trukks, some mek gunz, and last but not least, an Orktide!
My many games with Papabear has given da boyz of Kon Kushin enough scrap to piece together some orky constructs, including some suits of 'Krisis Armor' which the Orks understand to be the equivalent of mega armor with a rokkit pack.
All said and done, if I include all the Krisis Orks and the Orktide with my main force, I have just over a 2000 point force, bringing them close to being the highest valued army I own.
Here's hoping to at least another thousand points!

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